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AZ - production of technical articles
production of technical articles
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AZ - divisione stampi

Design and construction of rubber and plastic injection moulds

AZ GOMMA - Divisione plastica

Design and production of engineering plastic technical items.

AZ - Divisione gomma

Design and construction of rubber technical items made with certified elastomers.

Our DNA, expression of excellence

We were born and raised in the Food Valley, in the heart of Italy and of a region (Emilia) rich in values, determination and dedication, wich turned its uniqueness into an added value.
We’ve grown since then. Thanks to our daily commitment, we put all our passion to go further and beyond our expertise. We have learned the values of uniqueness, measuring ourselves against our “next-door” neighbors, which are among the leading producers worldwide of systems and equipment for food & wine products, allowing us to consolidate our experience in the food industry, but not only.


Our mission

Innovation and dynamism are the key points of our production.
We believe in research and development of new materials and constantly strive to intensify and explore new solutions. our character has allowed us to stand out and collaborate with important research authorities such as the University of Parma. We are ready and willing to do our utmost to produce quality products that are also competitive in terms of costs, meeting each and every need. AZ is always ready for new challenges.


Fleet of machinery

A targeted and highly technological output that allows us to make all types of parts (both in weight and geometry), resulting in investments in machinery of different tonnage, hot plate welding equipment,ultrasounds,etc., to give best service and quality.

  • Plastic injection moulding presses from 25 T to 700 T
    Weight of articles from 25 gr to 3,40 kg.
  • Rubber injection moulding presses from 120 T to 400 T
    Weight of articles from 1 gr to 11,5 kg.
  • Rubber injection moulding presses from 190 T to 270 T
    Weight of articles from 500 gr to 960 gr.
  • Machine for ultrasonic soldering
  • Machine for hot blade soldering
  • Thermoset rubber profiles extrusion lines
  • Autoclave for rubber vulcanization
  • Mixers
  • Machine/oven for conditioning plastic articles (e.g.polyamides)
  • Screen printing and flaming lines.